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Norway: Bergen to Eidfjord

Even though it took trains, planes and automobiles to get there, western Norway was well worth it. Bergen was magical with its wood houses, harbor, and fantastic food and drink. I could have happily spent the entire weekend there, wandering the city streets.


From Bergen to Aurland and then finally to Eidfjord, it was all waterfalls, sheep, and spectacular fjord views. Stegastein took my breath away and despite the fact that my travel buddies and I spent a good hour on the overlook, we still stopped three more times on the way back down for slightly different views. 


Two additional highlights were in fact two farms, the Kjeåsen Mountain Farm and Steinstø Fruktgard. The journey up to Kjeåsen takes you through a one-lane tunnel so the trip up and back must be timed just right on the half hour. Steinstø Fruktgard has apple pie slices and apple juice well worth the stop. The fjord views don't hurt either.

More details and the full route on Google Maps.

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