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Commerce Map was Huddler’s proprietary affiliate toolset for identifying product mentions within content, then creating and optimizing affiliate linking and related content modules in page. The toolset consisted of a variety of features, including a product catalog containing over 600 thousand products from vendors like Amazon, Sephora, Best Buy, and Newegg, administrative tools to update vendor listings and cull products for each community, mapping features and more.

Each Huddler community had a product database, specific to that community’s niche. An individual product page was the nexus for all content about that item: reviews, discussions, images and affiliate opportunities. Each product page had sub-pages to explore a specific content area, allowing users to dive into thousands of discussions easily.

Commerce Map

Content mapping allowed the identification of product mentions within discussions.  Mapping is done through natural language processing to identify product tag suggestions and apply tags automatically and through manual tools.

Once identified, product metadata and affiliate offers appeared within the conversations.  If no specific products were mentioned, complimentary offers were displayed based on context.

Another feature in the toolset allowed content creators to reference products within their writing. These embedded modules had various styles for either inline use or higher impact. They were kept fresh with updated affiliate opportunities, product names, and ratings. The modules allowed authors to harness the power of the Huddler product system, offer contextual eCommerce opportunities, and provide readers with a quick review snapshot. These capabilities also boosted SEO as each product mention could be updated immediately when the central details of the product were modified.

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